PS3:multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.02.02 公開 [PS3 Cobra USB]

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USBドングルを利用し、オリジナルCFWを起動できるPS3 Cobra CFW
バックアップマネージャの最新版、「multiman Cobra-USB Manager UPDATE」
が公開されました。v( ̄∇ ̄)v

multiMANベースのバックアップマネージャーmultiman Cobra-USB Manager

04.02.02 -
* Added sort options in File Manager:
-> SELECT+R2 changes sort order: name / date
-> SELECT+L2 changes sort order: ascending / descending
* Fixed overlapping of text entries in context menu in File Manager mode
* Added function to change the font in File Manager mode by pressing [R3]
* Exiting with {PS} button will save last state and options
* Added custom commands to FTP
(quit/restart the application and shutdown/restart the PS3)
* Improved font rendering (faster and no more blue-tint artifacts)
* Improved graphics rendering (no more GUI glitches)

multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.02.02

USBドングルCobra USBをアップデート→PS3本体に装着

PS3 Cobra USBツール格安販売サイト:R4M3.JP

PS3 JailBreak 2


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