COBRA USB:最新「Multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.03.00 BASE」ダウンロード [PS3 Cobra USB]


PS3専用ドングル「COBRA USB」は最新マネージャーソフト「Multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.03.00 BASE」をリリースされた

対応システム:Cobra USB Firmware


●Added support to launch DVD-Video titles (disc/folder format) from mmOS and other display modes (Showtime Media Player required)

●Added support to load DVD-Video movies in ISO format from DVDISO folder (Showtime Media Player Required) (for non-Cobra Firmwares)

●Added option to override SBS/TB modes in stereo player for .avi3d video titles (with L3/R3)

●Changed: File Manager is replaced by a new powerful and memory efficient engine (mmOS) to resemble desktop environment

mmOS features:

- Uses just 1-2MB of RAM (about 10-15 times less than the old File Manager mode), intuitive and faster

- Desktop + Taskbar + 7 Windows + Desktop Shortcuts + Clock + Tray + Clipboard

- Clipboard and each window support up to 4096 entries

- Support for user-defined motion / static background

- Window properties: minimize, restore, close, move, sort contents by name/size/date (asc/desc), fast scroll in rows and pages

- Window history: 16 path levels deep (forward and backward), window state and current scroll/cursor position

- Window contents: content icons/names/size/date, status bar, header, scrollbar

- Window actions (single click/tap): single/multiple entry selection

- Window actions (double click/tap):

--- start music playback, image viewer, hex/text viewer, launch executable files (.self/EBOOT.BIN)

--- play video titles (standard 2D and AVI3D), play DVD folders/ISO, direct-boot or load "folder/jb" games

--- load Blu-ray/DVD-Video/PS3/PSP/PS2 ISO files and BIN+CUE PSX images

--- load AVCHD video folders, mount folders to install PKG files, install themes

--- launch PSX games from CD-R discs (when DDA mode is enabled: PSX.EXE/SYSTEM.CNF/ps1_*emu.self)

- Taskbar actions: minimize/restore a window, minimize all, change active window

Context/command menu functions:

--- Copy (copy selected entries to clipboard)

--- Cut (copy selected entries to clipboard; entries will be deleted after "Paste")

--- Paste (paste clipboard contents)

--- Paste as ISO (create an ISO file from a single folder selected with "Copy")

--- Delete

--- Rename

--- Properties

--- Create New Folder

--- Create Shortcut

--- Shadow for PKG game (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_hdd0/GAMES)

--- Activate BD-Mirror (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_usb***/GAMES)

--- Eject Disc

--- Open in HEX Viewer

--- Refresh Net Host

- Added option in "Settings" - "Swap Sticks In mmOS - Change actions of Left and Right Sticks in mmOS."


- Right Stick - Move mouse pointer (can be changed to Left Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")

- Left Stick - Move active window (can be changed to Right Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")

- LEFT/RIGHT - One directory level back (history) / forward

- UP/DOWN - Scroll up/down window contents

- L2/R2 - (PgUp/PgDn) Scroll window contents in pages

- CROSS - (single tap) Select/Deselect entry

- CROSS - (double tap) Execute/View/Play/Open folder

- CIRCLE - (right click) Open command/context menu

- SQUARE - (ALT-TAB) Switch active window

- TRIANGLE - Quit to XMB (if button is held pressed)

- R3 - Change font

- L3 - Reset mmOS

- SELECT+(CROSS double tap) - Open folder in new window

- SELECT+(CIRCLE) - (ALT-F4) Close active window

- SELECT+(SQUARE) - (F5) Refresh active window

- SELECT+(UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) - Move mouse pointer (useful with BD-Remote Controller)



Multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.03.00 BASE

PS3専用全能ドングルPS3 Cobra USB 販売サイト


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